Snake Bite and Insect Stings First Aid Module

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Provides emergency treatment for snake bite and insect stings
Case comes with a belt loop on back so it’s always accessible while outdoors
First aid treatment for everything from snake bites to insect stings
Perfect addition to any workplace kits
This module is suitable to treat 1 person
Size: 125mm (W) x 75mm (L) x 220mm (H)
While effective antivenoms are available pressure immobilisation is recommended until medical aid can be administered. Our Snake Bite and Stings Module ensures you have the appropriate products available to administer immobilisation techniques in these emergencies, an ideal addition to outdoor work kits. Comes in belt looped case so it can be attached to pants, backpacks or first aid kits so it’s always within reach.

Kit Contents:

1 x Antiseptic Cream 1g
1 x Bandage – Crepe Heavy Support 10cm x 2m
1 x Bandage – Snake Bite Indicator 10.5m stretched
1 x Bandage – Triangular 110cm x 110cm x 155cm
1 x CPR chart
1 x Instant cold pack
1 x Snake Bite Treatment Instruction Card
1 x Spider Bite Treatment Instruction Card

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