Enviroplus Concentrated Multi Surface Cleaner E-Surface X E4 2.5L Each

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e-Surface X is an all-in-one Bio-cleaning concentrated cleaning product ideal for multi-surface.
It is formulated with active surfactants and natural powerful enzymes that are septic safe and non-toxic to the environment. e-Surface X is designed to provide residual cleaning action even after the cleaning application has finished.
The powerful enzymes eat up organic matter and stop the bacteria to grow on the surface hence killing the source of the odour itself.
GECA and Global GreenTag Certified
Product-specific microbial strains break down organic matter to remove the source of the odours
Residual cleaning action long after the cleaning application has finished.
Delivers exceptional cleaning on all surface types.
Concentrated formula, cost-effective cleaner.
Septic Safe
Active micro-organisms and enzymes
Odour eliminator

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