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A1 Gas & P2 Filter Combo - Pk 2

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Features and Benefits

Suitable for use with;
– R7500 MaxiGuard Silicone Half Mask
– R680 & R690 MaxiGuard Silicone Full-Face Mask

Certified to AS/NZS 1716
Certified to EN4387:2000 A1
Particulate filter permanently attached to cartridge
Bayonet Connector ensures secure locking
Low profile twin filter design
Organic gas filter class A1 with P2 Prefilter combo
Used against vapour from organic substances whose boiling point exceeds +65°C (150F)
Plastic polypropylene. No metal parts
If environment contains both particles and gas, a particle filter must be fitted to the front of the gas filter
Packaged as 1 pair of filters


Common Hazards: For protection when working with solvents and formaldehyde
Chemical Processing
Asbestos removal
Plastic production
Laboratory work
Painting waterbase or oilbase paintsQty (2 Filters)

Weight 0.195 kg
Dimensions 190 × 110 × 50 mm


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