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Unit of (1) Single Use Bio-Waste Spill Kit

Unit of (1) Spill Kit-SpillFix-500ml-Disposable Gloves-Disposable Scoop-Disposable Apron


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Unit of (1) SpillFix Bio-Waste Infectious Waste Absorbent is a natural and non-toxic absorbent powder that rapidly immobilises potentially hazardous spills such as Blood, Vomit, Urine and Faeces of caused by humans and animals. Unique absorbent properties solidify spills so they can be easily removed, minimising the risk of personal contact and cross contamination.

Single Use Response Spill Kit
– Cleans Hazardous Spills Safely
– Highly Absorbent and Fast Acting
– Avoids Cross-Contamination
– Contains suitable Personal Protection Equipment (PPE)

Kit Contains
– 500ml SpillFix Bio-Waste Infectious Waste Absorbent
– Disposable Scoop
– Fluid-Resistant Face Mask and Shield
– Disposable Gloves
– Disposable Apron
– Clinical Waste Disposal Bags x2
– Hygienic Skin Wipe x2



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Disposable Apron, Disposable Gloves, Disposable Scoop

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