Marbig Clearview Display Book A4 50 Pocket Insertable Cover Black Packet of (4)

Display Books-A4-50-Marbig-Pocket(s)-Insert Cover-Black Packet of (4)


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Features clear plastic overlay on front cover to allow you to insert your own cover and personalise your book. Protect your documents in a high quality non-refillable clear display book. Made from durable transparent polypropylene. 76 and 100 pocket books include 10 coloured self-adhesive index tabs. They are also housed in a case for storing on shelves to enable them to stand upright and for easy transport. Patent concealed design with easy to use rings. Pre-formatted template is available at

Weight 1.4 kg
Dimensions 315 × 280 × 30 mm


Item Contents Desc

50, Pocket(s)




Insert Cover



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